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TrackIt – Auto

$ 225.00

Our TrackIt Auto is a compact GPS tracking device that has been engineered to track any vehicle manufactured in 1996 or newer. Affordable and installed in minutes, there is no simpler way to keep track of your vehicle and loved ones.


  • Plug device directly into your vehicle’s OBDII port and start tracking instantly!
  • While moving this unit provides real-time GPS information every 40 seconds or 300 metres.
  • Provides real-time parameters such as:
    • Speed
    • RPM
    • Temperature
    • Fuel Level
  • When TrackIt Auto senses the vehicles ignition has been deactivated, it will begin to report GPS coordinates every 4 hours to prevent draining your vehicle’s battery.
  • When paired with our Rangetel software, create customizable alerts
  • Works anywhere in North America where LTE coverage is available
  • Enough memory to store weeks of data when out of cellular coverage


REPORTING: When the TrackIt Auto senses an active ignition, it reports its location every 40 seconds or 300 metres or 1/4 mile. Not only will it provide an extremely accurate GPS coordinate, but it will also provide real-time parameters such as speed, RPM, temperature & fuel level.  Other parameters may be available, but it varies depending the year and manufacturer.
When TrackIt Auto senses the vehicles ignition has been deactivated the unit will still report a GPS coordinate every 4 hours without draining your car battery thanks to its backup Li-Polymer battery.

CUSTOMISABLE ALERTS: When paired with our Rangetel software, you can create customisable alerts for any parameter being monitored.

  • Set maximum speed & RPM alerts
  • Ask to be notified when your vehicle has less than a quarter tank of fuel
  • Easily create Geofences to know when your vehicle has left or has arrived at a predefined area

COVERAGE: TrackIt Auto works anywhere in North America on any cellular providers 3G, 4G or LTE network. If the unit fails to receive cellular connectivity, it will store its GPS coordinates with corresponding time stamps and upload to the Rangetel software when it reaches coverage again.  The massive onboard flash memory has the capability to store more than 10,000,000 data points.


DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 65 x 50 x 23 mm  or 2 1/2 x 2 x 1 inches
FLASH MEMORY:Enough memory to store weeks of records. Data is sent to the server immediately but if the device is out of cellular coverage there is space to ensure data is saved.
ACCELEROMETER: Has an Internal 3-axis accelerometer for detecting g-forces and acceleration. The device can detect rapid acceleration, harsh braking, and cornering using these measurements.
MODEM:A 4G LTE modem supporting LTE/UMTS/GSM networks. Supported frequencies: FDD LTE: B2/B4/B5/B12/B17, UMTS: 8B2/B4/B5, GSM: 850/1900
GPS/GLONASS:U-blox MAX-7 with AssistNow AGPS

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