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TrackIt – Human and Pet

$ 225.00

Roughly the size of a dental floss container and only as heavy as 3 AAA batteries, Our TrackIt Human & Pet is extremely compact, waterproof, and lightweight. This device has been designed to track lone workers or loved ones; furry friends included!


  • IP65 rated housing ensures the device can withstand dust, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures
  • Report GPS coordinates once every 10 minutes when moving or stationary
  • Onboard ‘SOS’ button – with the press of a button, our Rangetel software is notified and alerts are sent (push notification or email)
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Low battery level alerts
  • When paired with our Rangetel software, create customizable alerts
  • For more info on battery life, see below


REPORTING:By default, TrackIt Human and Pet is set to report every 10 minutes, whether it moves or not. This configuration can be adjusted if required but will affect battery life.

CUSTOMISABLE ALERTS: When paired with our Rangetel software, you can create customisable alerts.

  • Easily create Geo Fences to know when the unit has left or has arrived at a predefined area
  • Configure the SOS button to send out an email or push notification to immediately notify you if help is needed

COVERAGE: TrackIt Anything works anywhere in North America where there is CAT-M1 coverage.

HOUSING: IP65 Rated housing ensures the device can withstand fine dust, a high-pressure spray, rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Designed to achieve a minimum footprint and maximum strength and tolerance without compromising antenna performance.

BATTERY LIFE: TrackIt Human & Pet works with the new Cat M1 networks and is built with ultra low power hardware. Combined with Rangetels advanced software, this unit is designed to outlast all other tracking devices on the market. Depending on configuration, its 680mAH lithium ion battery will give you the following lifespan:

  • 5 minutes report interval, work for 3 days
  • 10 minutes report interval, works for 5 days
  • 30 minutes report interval, works for 7 days
  • 60 minutes report interval, work for 25 days
  • 24 hours report interval, work for 5 months


DIMENSIONS (L x W x H): 50 x 40 x 16 mm or 2 x 1 9/16 x 5/8 inches
WEIGHT: 36 g or 1 1/4 oz
BATTERY: 3.7 V 680mAh lithium ion battery
ACCELEROMETER: The 3-axis accelerometer allows the device to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wakeup when movement occurs.
MODEM: uBlox SARA-R410M Modem operates on all major global LTE-Cat-M1 and NB-IoT bands. *Our units are configured to only work on the Cat-M1 networks. These new low-power networks are specifically designed for IoT applications, providing greater battery life. Supported LTE bands: 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26*, 28 (* roaming bands).
GPS/GLONASS: UBLOX EVA-M8 – Concurrent GPS and GLONASS tracking. 72 channel high sensitivity receiver: -162dbM industry leading tracking performance.