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Use our secure web-based dashboard, or our mobile apps to track your assets from across the street, or around the world. You can also use our app to turn your mobile device into a GPS tracker, and track it online in real time.


We offer mobile GPS tracking apps for IOS & Android. The Rangetel Mobile Client can be used to view your devices, and get alerts on your phone. We also offer the Rangetel Mobile Tracker which can be used to turn your phone into a tracked device.
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Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of your assets online in real-time.

Key Features:
Multiple map options (Google, Satellite, OSM)
View additional information about the objects (speed, exact address, fuel level and consumption, travel history, etc.)

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Get instant alerts about your tracked devices. Know when a device enters or exits a geo-zone, if it is speeding, and its stopovers. Get notifications to your phone using the mobile app, or via e-mail.


The geofencing feature allows you to create location-based areas known as "fences" that can identify when an asset is inside or outside certain geographic boundaries. Geofences can be any shape or size on the map, and you can setup alerts to be notified whenever an asset enters or exits a geofence boundary.

Rangetel Reports

History and Reports

Download and review reports in Excel, CSV, PDF, and HTML. Reports include various information by date and the GPS tracker name. These can include trips, driving hours, stopovers, distance traveled, fuel consumption and much more. Detailed and group reports are also available.