All TrackIt devices require a subscription to our Monitoring Service.


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TrackIt – Phone

TrackIt – Phone has been designed for everyday people that want more detailed and accurate information on their, their families or employees’ phones location.

Whether you are looking for a lost phone, your loved one’s whereabouts or to learn if your employee safely made it to the big presentation a few hours away. Tracking a phone has never been simpler. Download our Rangetel Mobile Phone Tracker App, configure your ‘report-in’ settings and you will always know that phones location. Our software provides a very detailed ‘bread crumb’ like trail to see where your device has been and where it is headed.

Designed to work with iOS and Android based phones.

  • track your cell phone online at any time via a PC or any iOS or Android powered device
  • get real-time tracking and alerts
  • preview the phone’s location history
  • receive and manage tasks
  • communicate easily between users
  • effectively track family and employees
  • accurately locate lost or stolen mobile phones

Like all TrackIt offerings, they do require a Data Subscription. Install our Rangetel Mobile Phone Tracker App and start tracking right away.  To access your devices location, the Rangetel tracking portal is accessible via your desktop or download the app for access on any iOS or Android powered device.


REPORTING: TrackIt Phone is completely customisable when it comes to its reporting frequency.  Configure it to report as often as once every 10 seconds or as little as a few times a day. Reporting frequency will affect your devices battery life.

CUSTOMISABLE ALERTS: When paired with our Rangetel software, you can create customisable alerts.

  • Easily create Geo Fences to know when the phone has left or has arrived at a predefined area


COMPATABILITY: Works with any iOS or Android SIM based device

COVERAGE: Works anywhere your current iOS or Android SIM based device will work